Hairstyling curling woman's blonde hair in hair salon

Curling irons have changed so much over the years, becoming so much better at maintaining a consistent temperature and protecting the health and integrity of your hair.

Of course, just as with every other product out there, all of the curling irons you see on shelves are not created equally.

If you want to create waves that are nothing short of perfect, here are the 12 best curling irons you should look at.

1) Evalectric Venti Curler

Creating larger waves that are still defined can be quite challenging, but the Evalectric Venti Curler really helps to accomplish this.

What makes it so effective?

The fact that its barrel is not only larger than usual, but it is also tapered, with the bottom part being 1.25 inches and the top being an inch.

This gives you two choices when it comes to creating waves…

You can either opt to use one part of the barrel, to create waves of a similar size, or you can use the entire barrel, so that the waves at the top of your head are looser and more voluminous, while the waves at the bottom of your hair are more defined and tighter.

Not only is its tapered barrel an advantage, but this curler also heats up extremely quickly to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and also features fantastic temperature recovery.

To top it all off, the curler comes with a heat resistant glove, making it even easier for you to create the waves of your dreams.

2) Cloud Nine The Waving Wand

The Waving Wand from Cloud Nine is the perfect wand for those who are seeking big and bouncy waves, similar to the effect that you would achieve if you had had a professional blow dry done.

This is largely down to its large wand, which is one of the fattest that you will find out of all curling irons. At 1.4 inches, this wand creates soft “S” shapes in your hair, rather than defined curls. It is also extremely effective at making hair appear thicker, fuller and vibrantly healthy.

Another standout feature of this wand is its temperature control technology. This enables you to choose a temperature yourself, meaning that you can protect your hair from high heat levels.

Need more convincing?

The barrel on this wand is infused with an array of minerals, all of which condition your hair, keeping it smooth and frizz-free.

3) HerStyler Rose Gold Titanium 3P Curler

Not only does the Rose Gold Titanium 3P Curler look beautiful, but it works beautifully too.

This product stands out for a few different reasons, with the main one being its rose gold titanium barrel.

How does this make a difference to your hair?

It ensures even and effective heat distribution, preventing hot spots from forming in certain areas. It also conditions the hair while retaining hydration, giving you smoother and glossier waves.

This curling iron comes with three interchangeable barrels, giving you the flexibility to create waves of many different sizes.

An added bonus with this product is its 360 degree swivel cord. This gives you such a great range of motion when curling your hair, preventing the cord itself from tangling or ending up damaged.

4) The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron

Do you hate all of the work involved when it comes to curing your hair?

If so, the S1 Curling Iron from The Beachwaver Co. is the hair tool that you need.

This curling iron was actually designed by Sarah Potempa, a celebrity hairstylist who wanted to make it easier for people to create beachy waves in their hair.

So, what did she do?

She designed and created the very first rotating curling iron, making the curling iron easier than ever to use .

How does it work?

All you need to do is clamp your hair down and then press a button to start the barrel’s rotation. Rotating away from the face is important, but since this iron features dual rotation, this is easy to control. Once you are done creating each wave, release the barrel clip and move on to the next.

Still want to be able to take your time when curling your hair?

The rotation speed of the barrel can be controlled with a simple flick of a switch.

This product is also great when it comes to safety…

After this product has remained unused for 30 minutes, it will automatically turn itself off, which is always a useful feature if you tend to be quite forgetful!

5) Beauty Frizz Pro Curler

The Beauty Frizz Pro Curler is a popular curling iron, because it is so simple and straightforward to use.

The iron features quite a traditional design, but, unlike many other curling irons out there, the clip on this product is extremely secure, holding your hair firmly in place to give you professional-looking waves each time.

This curling iron not only makes use of infrared technology to gently heat the barrel, but also utilizes negative ion technology.

Wondering what this is?

The negative ions created by the curler help to eliminate any static or frizz in your hair, while sealing your hair cuticles in, locking each wave in place.

With a digital display from which you can control the temperature, it could not be easier to create the waves that you are looking for with this curling iron.

6) Babyliss Diamond Waves

Are you trying to create waves that look as natural as possible?

This is where the Diamond Waves curling iron from Babyliss comes in, which boasts a spiralled and bumpy wand that may look quite strange at first.

However, the wand’s design means that each wave that you create will vary in its width, as well as its definition, leaving you with waves that look so natural. Rather than each wave looking identical, they will all have a unique curl and texture, giving so much more personality to your hairstyle.

This curling iron takes just 40 seconds to heat up to its maximum temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and thanks to its diamond-infused ceramic finish, you will not need to worry about causing an damage to your hair.

Don’t want to use so much heat on your hair?

Don’t worry, this curling iron features five different heat settings, all of which can be controlled digitally.

This is another product that also boasts an automatic shut-off function, with this one waiting for 72 minutes before doing so.

7) Lionesse 4P Curling Iron

If you like to experiment with different wave sizes in your hair, then the 4P Curling Iron from Lionesse is ideally suited for you.

This curling iron comes with four interchangeable barrels, with each one coated in aluminum Teflon. Three of the barrels are straight, while the fourth is tapered, giving you even more flexibility when it comes to creating perfect waves. The barrels are actually so easy to slide on to the handle, meaning that you can use more than one barrel for the same style.

The maximum heat of this curling iron is 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and it quickly heats up in no time at all.

Do you frequently travel?

This curling iron features dual voltage cords, meaning you will be able to use it no matter where in the world you are.

8) Toni & Guy Style Fix Curler

When travelling light, it can sometimes be difficult to find room for a curling iron, which is where the Style Fix Curler from Toni & Guy comes in.

This curling iron has been designed for those who frequently travel, and is small enough to fit into the tightest of spaces.

Think it won’t work well because of its small size?

This is where you are wrong, as the barrel still manages to create smooth, ribbon-like curls.

Of course, the shorter barrel does have a downside, although this will only really affect those who have longer hair. Since this barrel is shorter, you may run out of room on the barrel when it comes to curling the ends of your hair, leaving you with defined curls at the top of your head, and looser curls towards the bottom.

Wondering how hot this mini curler gets?

Its maximum temperature is 410 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you a high enough heat to lock your waves in place for the entire day.

Of course, using a curler with such a high heat means that you will always need to apply a heat protecting product to your hair before using it.

9) Paul Mitchell Express Gold Curl Marcel 1.25”

Do you have thick but straight hair?

This can often be quite a challenging hair type to deal with, with many curling irons failing to create a curl that has any staying power.

This is where the Express Gold Curl Marcel 1.25” from Paul Mitchell is different, with this iron creating looser and natural looking curls.

What makes this iron so easy to use?

The fact that is has a second flexible handle, making it much easier to create waves using just one hand.

10) T3 Twirl Convertible

While some curling irons have been designed for certain hair types, the Twirl Convertible by T3 has been created to work with all hair types and length, and is extremely versatile.

The barrel of this iron is made from ceramic and tourmaline, both of which provide heat protection for your hair while creating waves that have long lasting staying power.

This is another curling iron that allows you to control the temperature of the barrel, with five different heat settings to choose from, as well as an automatic shut-off feature that activates after an hour.

Wondering how large the barrel is?

The barrel that comes with the iron is 1.25 inches, but T3 sells many other barrel sizes, all of which can easily be interchanged with this curling iron, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to styling waves.

One extra bonus to this product is the fact that it features world voltage, making it perfect for globe-trotters.

11) Revlon 3-Barrel Ceramic Jumbo Waver

Looking for a curling iron that can quickly create large, bouncy waves?

The 3-Barrel Ceramic Jumbo Waver from Revlon can help you with this.

This curling iron may seem slightly odd at first, due to the fact that it features three barrels, but this means that it takes much less time to perfect your look.

The waves that this barrel creates are S-shaped, and there are 25 different heat settings to choose from, all of which provide an even and consistent heat.

Wondering if this unique curling iron has any downsides?

The main one is its size and weight, although it does not take long to learn how to work with this, using it to your advantage instead.

12) GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand

GHD is a brand that tends to be favored by professionals, and when it comes to their curling irons, the Curve Classic Wave Wand is often the tool of choice.


Thanks to the patented tri-zone ceramic technology that has been used, which guarantees a consistently even temperature of 360 degrees Fahrenheit. There are six sensors located along the barrel, all of which work together to ensure that the temperature emitted is safe and even. This helps to ensure that your curls are smooth and long-lasting, which is always a big bonus when it comes to curling irons.

This curling iron also comes with a built-in safety stand.

Wondering what this does?

It enables you to safely place your curling iron down on a hard surface when you are not using it, without having to worry about burning anything. This makes it much more convenient when creating a more complex style that requires multiple steps.

There are so many different curling irons out there, and this can definitely make it difficult when deciding which one to purchase. Whether you are seeking big and bouncy waves, or tighter curls, these 12 curling irons will definitely do the job well for you.