Most trends come and go, and when you look back on them you can’t believe you ever thought you looked good. And then there are the special few that have staying power, like cat-eye liner. No matter what you’re wearing or what your personal style, a cat-eye will never let you down. It’s the ultimate liner technique that has survived throughout the decades to keep your eyes popping.

The key to really nailing this look is to get yourself a good gel liner and angled brush, or some liquid-liner. Draw a line as close to your lid as possible, starting from the middle of your lid outward. This is a good time to determine how thick you want the liner to be depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Then, starting from the inner corner of your, draw a much finer line to meet up with the line you just drew.

Now that you have your basic liner, it’s time for the fun to begin! To get the perfect wing, just start from the last lash of your eye and draw a line outwards—if you’re unsure what angle to aim for to start, try drawing this line as if it were going to meet with the end of your eyebrow. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can determine which angle best suits you. Now, draw another line from the top of your wing-line back toward your upper lash line. You should be left with an empty triangle—remember, the bigger the triangle, the thicker the liner! Now it’s time for some coloring. Just fill in the triangle, and you’ve just done the perfect cat-eye! Top it off with your favorite mascara and you’re out the door!


Don’t get scared off if it takes a few tries to figure out what looks best for you. Alter the thickness and angle of the wing depending on your mood. Thicker and higher adds drama and will really throw your look back to a 60s bombshell.