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Need something new and exciting to brighten up your long days of self-isolation?

These nine subscription boxes will do exactly that.

Try the World

Those who love to travel will be finding the current social restrictions especially difficult to deal with. But, fear not, the Try the World subscription box will help to satisfy your inner travel bug.

What does the Try the World subscription include?

This subscription service will take you on a gourmet journey around the world. From France to Thailand to Brazil, each box includes natural and traditional foods from that month’s chosen country.

In addition to snacks and drinks, the boxes also contain ingredients to cook specific meals, along with the required recipes.

If you aren’t a keen cook, go for the Snack Box subscription instead. Containing five healthy snacks from a different country each month, these boxes are a great way to treat yourself while in quarantine.

How much does the Try the World subscription cost?

The Try the World subscription box is reasonably priced at $39 USD a month. If you would prefer to go for the snack-only option, then prices for these start at $19 USD a month.

Hygge Box

Hygge is a Danish concept that has become pretty popular lately. It’s all about that feeling of contented comfort and coziness when you’re happy and safe, and this is what Hygge Box aims to provide.

What does the Hygge Box include?

The Hygge Box subscription includes hand-picked items from all over the world. Each one has been chosen to evoke that hygge feeling you.

Examples of items you would receive include:

  • Light elements, such as candles or fairy lights
  • Specialty hot drinks
  • Indulgent treats and snacks
  • Home decor and wellness items

The items chosen are thoughtful, soothing and high quality, making it no surprise that this box is quickly increasing in popularity.

How much does the Hygge Box cost?

There are two pricing options for the Hygge Box. The first is the Standard Box, which includes four to five items each month, and this comes in at $25 USD a month.

Alternatively, you could go for the Deluxe option. This includes five to seven items a month, and costs $36.50.

Crated With Love

Have you been in isolation with your significant other?

If you find yourselves running out of things to do together, or even say to each other, the Crated With Love subscription will help to reignite that spark.

What does the Crated With Love subscription box include?

The Crated With Love subscription box is sent out each month, and contains everything you need for an amazing date night. Each box holds four to six games, challenges and activities, each one designed to bring a couple closer together, strengthening that bond.

Monthly boxes are themed, enabling you to plan your entire evening around them. Past boxes include:

  • Retro game night
  • A mission to Mars
  • An Aussie adventure
  • Scaling Everest
  • A zombie apocalypse

How much does the Crated With Love subscription box cost?

Pricing structures vary, but a standard monthly Crated With Love subscription starts at $31.99 USD. Subscriptions can be customized too, ensuring that you and your loved one will always receive a box you will enjoy.

Like the idea of Crated With Love but don’t want to sign up for a monthly subscription?

They happen to do a one-off Date Night box too! Prices vary depending on the theme you choose, but average at around $35 per box.

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Love to bake? Or maybe you just really like cookies?

Either way, the Fresh Baked Cookie Crate will probably appeal to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional baker or have never cooked a meal in your life, this subscription box will quickly have you baking gourmet cookies with ease.

What does the Fresh Baked Cookie Crate subscription include?

Each monthly box contains all of the pre-measured ingredients you will need to bake delicious cookies, along with foolproof instructions. Ingredient breakdowns and value lists are provided as well, as are any other items you may need to carry out that recipe. Every new subscriber will also receive a free silicone baking mat that you will be able to use for all future recipes.

That’s not all…

Each box will also contain cookie-themed gifts. From t-shirts and home decor to candles and bath products, these little surprises make each month so much more special.

Ok, back to the cookies…

Examples of past recipes include:

  • Nutella Apple Butter Linzer Cookies
  • Salty Sea Turtle Cookies
  • Brown Butter Snickerdoodles Cookies
  • Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches

How much does the Fresh Baked Cookie Crate cost?

The prices for this subscription vary depending on how many cookies you want to bake each month, as well as on whether or not you want extra gifts included.

A basic box with ingredients enough for two dozen cookies would be $20 USD a month, while the addition of cookie-themed surprises takes it to $30 USD.


It’s all very easy to sit around and eat the day away when isolating at home, but, with restrictions looking to be lifted well in time for the height of summer, you’re going to want to be beach-body ready.

WODBOM, which stands for Workout of the Day, Box of the Month, is a fitness subscription box that will help take your workouts to the next level.

What does the WODBOM subscription include?

Each box contains six to seven full-sized fitness-related items. From nutritious snacks to health supplements to workout accessories, each box is designed to enhance your monthly workouts.

How much does the WODBOM subscription cost?

A monthly WODBOM subscription costs $35 USD a month, with $8 shipping on top of that. Considering that the items included in each box are full-sized, rather than samples, with each box being worth around $75, this subscription is pretty good value for money.

WODBOM also offers limited edition one-time boxes, giving you the opportunity to see exactly what you’re getting before you buy. These range in price depending on theme/content.

Fearless Nail Art

If you’re a regular at your local nail salon, then you’re probably really missing all of those professional manicures while you’re self-isolating at home. Jazzing up those nails with creative nail art patterns can be much trickier than many initially think, but the Fearless Nail Art subscription box aims to help you with that.

What does the Fearless Nail Art subscription box include?

The Fearless Nail Art boxes focus on making it easier for people to create unique and exciting nail art designs. In order to do this, each box includes:

  • Two sets of nail decals
  • One set of nail wraps
  • A small pot of glitter
  • An extra nail art item, such as stencils, dotting tools, brushes, stickers and more

If you would prefer a one-off box to get you through the next couple of weeks, then their Nail Art Surprise Boxes contain 10 different items from previous boxes. From water decals and stickers to stamping plates and glitter, each box also comes with the instructions needed to acheive statement-making nails.

How much does the Fearless Nail Art subscription box cost?

There are three pricing options for the Fearless Nail Art subscription box. The basic box costs $9.99 USD a month, while the inclusion of a stamper and stamping polish kit takes it to $14.99. If you would prefer to go for the non-renewing Surprise Nail Art Box, this would also be $14.99.

Bloomin’ Bin

With the Coronavirus outbreak seeing store shelves being wiped clear all across the globe, many people began to look for ways to be more independent in terms of food security.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small windowsill or a sprawling garden, growing food is a possibility for just about everyone.

Don’t know how to get started?

The Bloomin’ Bin subscription can help…

What does the Bloomin’ Bin subscription include?

Each month, your Bloomin’ Bin will include five to seven varieties of in-season seeds that you can sow straight away. All you need to do is place them into soil and give them some water (and sunlight too, of course).

You can choose whether you want to receive seeds for flowers, fruits and vegetables, or a mixture of both, meaning that you will have an action-packed garden in no time.

If you go for one of the more premium subscription boxes, you will also be receiving live plants, plant food samples, special gardening projects, and even tools to use in the garden.

How much does the Bloomin’ Bin subscription cost?

Prices vary depending on whether you choose to receive only the seeds, or would like the live plants and other extras too. The lowest priced subscription starts at $7 USD, while a Premium Bin costs $30.


Feeling stressed and anxious?

You’re not alone – these troubling times are taking their toll on just about everyone. While it may be easier said than done, cutting back on stress is important, since stress can really have such a detrimental effect on your mental and physical health.

If your usual stress-busting techniques just don’t seem to be cutting it for you, give the MindWander subscription box a try.

Each box is curated by a Ph.D. therapist with ten years of experience in clinical psychology and women’s mental health, with contents designed to encourage you to spend more time on self-care.

What does the MindWander subscription box include?

Each monthly subscription box is designed around a specific theme. Whether this may be decreasing anxiety, improving sleep, or boosting confidence, all of the items in that month’s box will help you to achieve that goal.

There are five to seven items included in every box, and these include:

  • A new themed workbook each month
  • A notepad and journal prompts
  • Lifestyle items, such as candles and coffee mugs
  • Bath and body products
  • Pens and pencils

How much does the MindWander subscription box cost?

Prices for the MindWander subscription box vary, but begin at just $19.99 USD a month.

Atlas Coffee Club

Working from home can be difficult for some, resulting in the need for plenty of coffee. If you’re bored of the caffeine options available locally to you, it may be worth signing up to the Atlas Coffee Club subscription box.

What does the Atlas Coffee Club subscription box include?

This subscription box basically takes you on a coffee tour of the world. The company has scoured over 50 countries looking for the finest coffee, each type artfully roasted to bring one exquisite flavors. This is coffee that you won’t be able to find on store shelves, making it a must-have for coffee lovers.

Each box includes either a half bag, a single bag, or a double bag of single-origin coffee. The bags themselves have been designed in a way that beautifully mirrors the coffee culture in that particular country, making this some of the best packaging you will have seen.

In addition to the coffee, boxes contain tasting notes and brewing tips, along with a postcard from your coffee’s country of origin. Boxes can be personalized when it comes to roast preference and grind type, meaning that you will only receive coffee that your taste buds will enjoy.

How much does the Atlas Coffee Club subscription box cost?

If you’re going for the half-bag subscription, which will pour you around 15 cups, then this will cost you $9 USD a month. The single bag works out to $14, while the double bag is $28.

If a month seems too long to wait in between each coffee fix, a fortnightly delivery is also available.

Self-isolating at home can be tough, but little surprises to look forward to each month can make such a difference. Whether it may be gourmet cookie recipes, workout inspiration, or that all-important coffee fix, these subscription boxes will make time in quarantine so much more enjoyable.