gift wrapping

One of the most valuable relationships a student will develop during their time in college is the relationship with a mentor. For some, this may be an awesome professor, for others it may be a work-study manager, for most it will be their supervisor. A student’s supervisor, or mentor of any kind, plays an important role in their four years on campus. From advice on classes to take and professors to avoid, to encouragement and inspiration, a supervisor always seems to lead students in the right direction.

For graduating seniors, saying goodbye to a supervisor can be nearly as difficult as saying goodbye to a friend. As a student, you may have thanked them every time you left their office, but by the end of your college career, it might feel almost natural to give them a sort of thank you gift for all that they’d done for you.

Whether or not to get your supervisor a gift depends very heavily on the relationship you’ve developed, as well as the social culture of the campus. Keeping that in mind, you should consider the nature of what you’re thanking them for. Although it’s not mandatory, by any means, for a supervisor to play an active role in a student’s college career, it’s likely that they did/do because they saw something special in you, or perhaps noticed that you needed guidance that they could offer. The point being that they wouldn’t have taken the time to develop a relationship with you if they didn’t want to, or weren’t happy to do so.

If you choose to get a gift, something handmade is always a nice idea. If DIY isn’t your thing, something small, yet meaningful, such as a framed picture of the two of you is a good idea. Finally, the most genuine gift you can give in this situation, is a handwritten thank you note.