When I imagine the future, scenes from great movies like Back to the Future, Demolition Man, and Elysium come to mind.  Although more science fiction, as a beauty blogger, I especially love the movie Upside Down’s take on the future of skin care: an honest to goodness anti-gravity face cream. It’s so much fun to imagine how our technology might advance. The smart phone is the center of our world now – but what might be the new must-have item of the future?

While we have waited the last five years for the beauty industry to develop that anti-gravity face cream (still no news), another type of beauty technology has emerged. But this device I’m about to share isn’t part of a movie plot line. It’s actual product available for purchase right this minute: the Jelessi Photonix-1 Facial Rejuvenation. Although the anti-aging results were not instant, my first impression of this skin care tool were still extremely positive. My skin looked brighter and my pores were more refined after just one use.

If you’re considering getting your own LED facial device, be prepared to take some time to read the instructions. The Photonix-1 Facial Rejuvenation has a lot of buttons, each with their own purpose and function. To further complicate the matter, several modes can be used simultaneously depending on the effect you’re hoping to achieve.

The product manual provides a list of treatment options which makes it easy to know exactly how to use this tool. For my first try, I did the cleansing treatment. Just as the manual instructed, I started by washing my face. The manual didn’t specify whether to dry my face or not but since it said to put on my cleanser once again, I left my face wet. Then I turned on the Ultrasonic Positive Ion+ function and increased the intensity all the way up. Using the manual’s “directions of massage for usage”, I massaged my face with the device for about 5 minutes (the directions say it can be used up to 30 minutes).

Like I said, I was impressed even after just one use. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made! As a person who loves the spa experience but is often too busy to make an appointment, the Jelessi facial tool is perfect solution. If you’re in the market for the latest and greatest gadgets, I highly recommend checking out this brand.