Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum

If you have been wanting to treat your hair to a new hair serum, look no further…

The Argan Oil Hair Serum from Herstyler has skyrocketed its way to the top of Amazon’s best-selling beauty products list, making this a product that thousands of people now swear by. 

Why Do You Need a Hair Serum? 

Never used a hair serum before?

If so, you’re probably wondering why you would actually need one…

Well, a hair serum performs a few different roles:

  • Helps to tame frizz
  • Adds shine and lustre to hair
  • Nourishes hair with vital nutrients
  • Softens hair to minimize brittleness
  • Protects the hair from environmental elements
  • Helps to heal any damage

Of course, the effectiveness of any hair serum will depend heavily on its ingredients. There are numerous sub-par hair serums out there, which is why the Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum, which is high quality yet affordable, has really started to shine…

What’s So Special About Herstyler’s Argan Oil Hair Serum?

Let’s begin by taking a quick look at the Herstyler brand…

If you have never heard of them before, this is a brand that you definitely want to get yourself acquainted with.

Herstyler specializes in hairstyling and hair care products. With a wide range of different styling tools, from straighteners to curling irons, along with accessories and hair care products, this brand offers up everything you could possibly need to put together a show-stopping look.

Now, many hair care products are packed with unnecessary ingredients that only end up causing more harm than good to your hair.

This is where Herstyler’s Argan Oil Hair Serum really stands out

Reviews say that this serum is a “game-changer”, and it is easy to see why.

Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum

The serum is made with just seven ingredients, with its key ingredient being argan oil.

You have probably noticed argan oil being featured in several different hair care products lately, and that is because this is an ingredient that can really work wonders on the hair.

What Exactly is Argan Oil?

It’s an oil that comes from the kernels of the argan tree, which is a tree that is native to Morocco. The oil has been used in Morocco for thousands of years, not only for cosmetic purposes but also as a medicine and as a culinary ingredient.

Production and extraction of argan oil is actually much more complicated than many would imagine…

The trees only start producing the oil once they are around 30 years old, with a single tree yielding around just one liter of the oil each year. That, plus the fact that it takes about 12 hours of labor-intensive work to actually extract the oil, is why argan oil is often referred to as liquid gold

Wondering why argan oil is such a popular hair care ingredient?

Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Packed with fatty acids – argan oil contains a wide range of nutrients, especially fatty acids. These consist mainly of linoleic acid, which is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as oleic acid, which is a very healthy fat. These oils help to moisturize and condition the hair, providing an extra fatty layer that increases shine while reducing dryness
  • A rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds – antioxidants are key when it comes to keeping your hair healthy, and argan oil has plenty of these. From vitamin E and melatonin to plant sterols and CoQ10, there are numerous antioxidants to be found in this oil. Argan oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties. This, along with the antioxidants, help to keep your scalp healthy, preventing conditions such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis from occurring
  • Protects the hair from damage – heat styling causes so much damage to the hair, yet this is something that so many people do on a daily basis. Thanks to the fatty acids within argan oil, the oil is able to protect the hair from heat damage, as well as from the damage that comes from using hair dyes 
  • Protects against breakages and hair loss – although research in this area is still lacking, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence out there that points to how argan oil is able to prevent hair breakages, and also hair loss. This is likely due to the antioxidants and fatty acids within the oil
  • Has UV-protecting properties – the sun’s UV rays cause so much damage to the hair. While argan oil doesn’t actually contain any SPF, its high vitamin E content gives this oil the ability to prevent UV rays from harming the hair

As you can see, this is an ingredient well worth using on your hair.

What Else Is In Herstyler’s Argan Oil Hair Serum?

So, other than the argan oil, what else will you find in Herstyler’s best-selling hair serum?

One of the other key ingredients is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, better known as aloe vera extract.

This is another ingredient that has been used for thousands of years for both medicinal and cosmetic purposes, and while it may have earned its stellar beauty reputation as a powerful skin-soothing ingredient, this is a botanical that can make a huge difference to your hair too.


Well, to begin with, aloe vera contains around 75 active ingredients, including a number of minerals and amino acids that have been proven to be so influential when it comes to hair health and growth.

The proteolytic enzymes within aloe vera help to soothe and heal the scalp, which not only prevents itching, dandruff and other scalp conditions, but also promotes hair growth.

Aloe vera is also great for keeping your hair moisturized too…

It contains certain polysaccharides that form a thin film over the surface of each hair. This not only enables your hair to better retain water, but also makes styling much easier. 

Another ingredient to be aware of in Herstyler’s Argan Oil Hair Serum is Tocopheryl Acetate.

Never heard of tocopheryl acetate before?

It is a form of vitamin E.

As mentioned above, argan oil already contains vitamin E, so why has Herstyler included this ingredient in their Argan Oil Hair Serum?

Because you can never have too many antioxidants!

Vitamin E is such a good antioxidant for the hair (as well as the skin). When used on the hair, it has the following effects:

  • Improves circulation in the scalp, which then promotes hair growth. The boosted circulation also increases the size of hair follicles, making the hair appear thicker and more luscious
  • Re-balances the amount of oil that the scalp produces, reducing excess oiliness
  • Repairs the protective layer that surrounds each hair cuticle, which adds shine and gloss to the hair
  • Reduces oxidative stress in the scalp, therefore allowing the hair to grow in a healthy way 

Since vitamin E is quite a potent ingredient, it is always best used on the hair when diluted with an oil. This is why vitamin E and argan oil are such an impressive combination when it comes to hair care.

Want to Treat Yourself to the Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum? 

After reading about all of the benefits that the various ingredients in Herstyler’s Argan Oil Hair Serum can have, you are probably tempted to give this product a try. 

Wondering where to buy it from?

Your first option is the Herstyler website, which ships to the USA as well as US territories.

Alternatively, you can also purchase the serum from Amazon, where it has already received over 2000 positive reviews. Amazon is able to ship the hair serum internationally, although keep in mind that you may need to pay an import fee depending on where you live.

How to Use the Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum

Now that you have a bottle of the Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum for yourself, how do you actually use it?

To begin with, you need to make sure that your hair is washed.


Because you want the ingredients in the serum to be able to properly penetrate into your hair shaft. If your hair is holding on to dirt, dust and other impurities, these will prevent the serum from working its magic.

Once your hair is washed, briefly dry it with a towel. You want your hair to still be damp when you apply the serum.

Then, apply a few drops of the serum into your hands. The number of drops you use depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Fine and thin hair will only need a couple of drops, whereas thick and coarse hair will likely require a bit more.

Then, rub the serum around in your hands for a few seconds.


Because this will help to liquefy the serum, breaking it down into a warmer and softer solution. It will then be so much smoother and easier to apply to your hair.

Now that you’re ready to apply the serum, follow these steps:

  • Flip your hair over and apply the serum on the strands that have fallen in front of your face
  • Slowly work your way upwards, massaging the serum in well
  • Flip your hair back and apply a bit more of the serum into your scalp, before finishing with a layer all over your hair

Once you’re done, it is time to brush or comb your hair. Make sure that you do this in a downwards direction, as this is the best way to clear out any tangles.

You can then go ahead and finish drying your hair. A blowdryer is usually the best way to go, as this will ensure that your hair dries quickly, before any dust or dirt has the opportunity to stick to the damp serum.

Wondering if you can use the serum on dry hair?

The answer is yes. Although it is always best for your initial application to be done on damp hair, the Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum can be used on dry hair too. This is a great way to seal up split ends and reduce frizz, especially if you use the serum before and after straightening your hair.

Worried that the serum may leave your hair feeling greasy?

Serums can sometimes do this, which is why you need to apply it onto clean hair, to prevent build-up. While this may be the case, the Argan Oil Hair Serum from Herstyler is known for being especially lightweight and non-greasy, ensuring that your hair does not take on a heaviness once it has been applied. 

The great thing about the Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum is that it works for just about any hair type and hairstyle. Whether you have dry or oily hair, or are looking to style corkscrew curls or beachy waves, this serum is incredibly versatile.


The Other Hair Care Products from Herstyler

If you have already used and loved the Argan Oil Hair Serum from Herstyler, then you are probably wondering what else this brand has that could help your hair.

Well, if you want to double up on your hair’s dose of argan oil, there are a few other argan oil products that you will find from Herstyler, such as:

  • Argan Oil Shampoo – which is also formulated with vitamin E and biotin
  • Argan Oil Conditioner – contains similar ingredients to the serum, but with the addition of biotin
  • Argan Oil Hair Mask – infused with panthenol to help heal and repair damaged strands


Want to purchase all of these products?

Then you would be best off going for Herstyler’s Argan Oil Complete Hair Set, which features all of the brand’s argan oil hair care products. 

If you want to treat your hair to something other than argan oil, take a look at the following:

  • Castor Oil Hair Serum – designed for dry and damaged hair
  • Marula Hair Nourishing Serum – with its main ingredient being the nutrient-dense marula oil
  • VitaOil Biotin Hair Serum – featuring biotin and vitamin E to strengthen hair follicles and reduce brittleness

A hair serum is such an easy way to ensure that your hair remains strong, healthy and glossy. While there are plenty of hair serums out there, Amazon’s best-selling serum is definitely worth a try the next time you want to add a new product into your hair care routine.