I’m a really huge fan of effective exercises. I believe in how exercises help improve the overall condition of the body while improving one’s mood as well. One which I recently came across is anti-gravity yoga. We’re all a little bit aware of how yoga includes flexing, stretching, and meditating while you’re exercising, but what most may not be aware of is the anti-gravity version of this ancient form of exercise.

anti-gravity yoga

Anti-gravity yoga makes use of an anti-gravity hammock made of supportive fabric which you will be using to carry out the moves and poses. If you’re familiar with Pink’s performance in the 2010 Grammy’s that’s pretty much what the hammock looks like. This workout was developed by Christopher Harrison, a dancer and gymnast and anti-gravity yoga is currently the most popular kind of aerial yoga. It offers workouts which can stretch and simultaneously strengthen the muscles without putting too much strain into the joints.

The main equipment for anti-gravity yoga is the hammock itself, which is a long swath of silky fabric suspended from the ceiling. This is what will support you as you learn to twist and turn in mid-air. The hammock is what would provide support for your hips as you do front and back bending. Don’t worry about heights because the hammock is low enough for your feet to still reach the ground while you begin with the anti-gravity moves. If you ever fall out of balance, the fall won’t be too high.

anti-gravity yoga

When engaging in anti-gravity yoga, it is advised to have a professional trainer who can introduce the world of anti-gravity yoga to you. Unlike other forms of exercises where you can use shorter pieces of clothing, it would be better if you wear yoga pants and sleeved shirts because the hammock may dig into your knees or armpits.

People who have medical conditions like glaucoma or high blood pressure are advised not to engage in this kind of yoga as it may worsen the condition. If, however, you are up for some fun and fitness in the air, anti-gravity yoga is the one for you.