Yoga has long been understood as not only a great way to exercise but also as a way to clear the mind and spirit through relaxation, breathing, and meditation. So what’s the deal with hot yoga? How is it any different from regular yoga, and why should you try it? VirtMall blog is here to let you know!

Hot yoga is pretty much what it sounds like—it’s the practice of yoga while in a very hot room. The two most popular varieties are Moksha and Bikram, and they’ll definitely make you sweat! And that heavy amount of sweat can to great things for your health.

The number one benefit of hot yoga over regular yoga is detoxification—the heavy sweating helps rid your body of toxins, particularly from the skin. The heat also helps you get a better work out—it not only helps relax your muscles to help you perform the positions better, the heat also increases the heart rate, making the body work harder. This makes hot yoga a full body workout—it strengthens and tones your body, helps with flexibility, and is a great cardiovascular workout.

A hot yoga class

As with every other form of exercise, you really need to listen to your body and be cautious. You don’t want to overtax yourself or put any unnecessary strain on your muscles. While the heat helps you to really give it your all, you have to make sure you’re actually capable of giving it your all. It might be in your best interest to do some regular yoga first to familiarize yourself with some of the positions before heading straight into hot yoga.

The first time you try hot yoga it’ll probably be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Don’t underestimate how much you’ll sweat—it will seem like more sweat than you’ve ever produced in your life time. In addition to the great feeling you get after a workout, you’ll feel relaxed and you really will feel cleansed, so give it a try today!