Woman applying clay mask on skin

Your pimples screaming to be put out of their misery, you’ve been furrowing your eyebrows so much, you’re convinced they’re going to stay that way, and the bags under your eyes have reached a new low. Your skin is a hot mess and it needs to be extinguished.  Only a good mask will save you now. But with so many out how can you choose?

Cleopatra had it easy. She just put mud or clay on her face and it sure seemed to work for her. Mark Antony can attest to that. Nowadays, there’s a lot more to masks than mud and a whole bunch of new technologies and ingredients that would have Cleo taking to Amazon in no time. Plus, these new masks do a lot more than draw impurities out of your face. They soothe, hydrate, plump and even fight aging. Are you getting your full fabulosity out of your mask? Here are some masks that address the toughest skin issues.

The Best Thermic Masks

It’s cold and only a hot shower will save you now, but it’s going to put your skin in grave danger. Before you turn that faucet up to nearly scalding, consider a kinder gentler solution. For heat seekers who care about their skin barrier, thermic masks are the new hot shower. Rather than dry your skin, thermic masks smooth skin texture and draw out impurities. They contain chemicals that trigger an exothermic, or heating reaction when exposed to water. Much like a heating compress or steam bath, thermic masks gently open pores to efficiently detoxify skin while emitting a soothing and delicious warmth. 

– Biore Self Heating One-Minute Mask

The Biore Self Heating One-Minute Mask gets its power from zeolite, a mineral made from volcanic ash. (No wonder its popularity is exploding). When zeolite makes contact with water, the bonds in the mineral are broken and the energy from the reaction is released as heat. If you suffer from blemishes, clogged pores, excessive oil production, and an extreme aversion to cold weather, the Biore blood flow-boosting action keeps pimple eruption to a minimum.

– Resveratrol Chianti Thermic Mask


Fine wine is known for its warming effect. Why not give your skin a toast with the Resveratrol Chianti Thermic Mask? This luxurious mask is an indulgent treat that will make your skin drunk with happiness. With the miraculous health benefits of resveratrol, and the infusion of sweet almond and barbadenis extract, this mask reduces the size of pores and rejuvenates skin instantly increasing smoothness and radiance.

The Best Magnetic Masks

It seems like the Material Girl is checking out some new materials. Now that Madonna has launched her MDMA cosmetic line, she’s more magnetic than ever. Her most recent addition to her line is a magnetic clay mask. By combining traditional face masks ingredients with iron particles, this magnetic mask creates a microcurrent in the skin which works to absorb dirt. The magnetic current lifts the dirt away while leaving moisturized skin behind. However, despite her reputation, Madge is not the trendsetter here. She’s picking up on a growing trend of magnetic masks to hit the market. Here is a look at some of the best.

– Dr. Brandt Skincare Magnetight Age-Defier Mask

This facial mask has one multitasking magnet. Not only does it lift away the dirt, but it also zaps away visible signs of aging. Quite simply, the Magnetight AgeDefier Mask is an antiaging, iron infused magnetic removal tool that works to purify, revitalize and refine the look of skin. Translate that into, “Best use of a magnet aside from the ones that you put on your refrigerator.”

The Magnetight first uses its magnetic currents to rid the skin of signs of aging. Then it draws out the impurities with its iron magnetic particles which create a force field that tightens the skin over time.  The bonus is the remaining product left on the skin. Massage the product into your skin to infuse antioxidants, peptides, and emollients that leave skin hydrated and protected from oxidation.

– Vivo Per Lei Magnetic Mask


A touch of French Daisy? Oui, oui, merci? A touch of a French salon? Bonjour, Vivo Per Lei Magnetic Mask. What makes this magnetic mask stand tete and epaules (head and shoulders)  above the rest are its extra pampering tools. The included spatula and magnetic tool provide nice touches that make you feel more beautiful instantly.  But who needs to feel more beautiful instantly when they already look it? This magnetic mask with iron particles lifts the look of tired skin, bringing it a radiant, plumper look immediately.

The Best Masks For Acne

We’ve all tried to mask our acne. Bangs, baseball caps, beards, and bandaids have more in common than the fact that they all begin with the letter B. However, effective at pimple masking though they may be, these items also clog pores and can make acne worse. The best way to mask acne is to use an acne mask. Most contain astringents to kill acne bacteria, such as benzoyl peroxide, or clays or muds to draw impurities out of the skin, opening pores rather than clogging them. Before you consider masking your acne with anything that begins with the letter B, consider masking your acne with these products.

– Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores

When your acne is completely out of control, smother it with the Origins Active Charcoal Mask immediately. Those may not be the directions the product comes with, but it gives you a basic idea of how well it works. However, if smothering your skin with a product you know nothing about seems a bit radical, we’ll give you a bit more of a scientific explanation. The Origins Mask relies on activated charcoal. When charcoal is activated it takes on magnetic properties. When applied to your skin, the charcoal works like a magnet to remove dirt, debris, and toxins from your skin. That means sweet freedom for your skin and a much more effective way to mask acne.

– Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask

What’s tender as blue tansy and tough enough to resurface your skin without resembling microdermabrasion? The Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask uses natural ingredients to do what the tough guys do. It uses AHAs and salicylic acid in the form of white willow bark extract to clear away dead skin cells, blue tansy to fight inflammation for a clear complexion, and hydroxy oil in the form of pineapple and papaya enzymes to promote new skin growth.  How’s that for a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down? But go down the medicine does. The Herbivore Blue Tansy not only lifts the debris from your pores, but it also minimizes the size of pores, evens out skin tone, and even helps to fade the appearance of old scars in the most delightful way!

The Best Sleep Masks

Multitasking masking? Not a problem. These “do it in your sleep” masks put the goodies in your pores just at the time when they’re most receptive (and you’re the least receptive). No matter what your skin issue, here are some sleeping mask that will keep your skin cells hydrated, exfoliated, and rejuvenated all while you’re deliciously sedated. 

– Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Facial Mask

So, probably the last thing you want to think about before you go to sleep is snail slime oozing into your pores, but we say don’t think about it, just let it work its magic. You’ll be more than happy when you wake up. With the aforementioned snail slime as the star ingredient and baobab tree extract and deep seawater as the supporting cast, the Missa Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask hydrates, evens out skin tone, and smooths out texture. And despite being named after the slothful creature, the face mask works at anything but a snail’s pace. You’ll be astonished by the way your skin looks in the morning.

– Bliss What-A-Melon De-Stressing Over Night Face Mask

That’s De-stressing, not distressing. Nothing is distressing about the Bliss What – A – Melon De-Stressing Over Night Face Mask unless smelling like gummy bear presents a problem. With a candy scent, watermelon extract and an alluring shade of pink,

The Bliss Overnight Mask is rich in exfoliating AHAs, hyaluronic acid and brightening peony.  If chemical extracts are a problem, they’re no problem here. The hydrating ingredients balance out the AHAs to give skin all the nourishment it needs to avoid irritation, inflammation and dry and flaking skin.

The Best Sheet Masks

Woman with sheet mask, taking a selfie in bed

If you really want to dress like a celebrity, wear a sheet mask. Judging from the most recent explosion of star selfies, the sheet mask is the trendiest must-have accessory since the fascinator. However, while posting selfies wearing sheet masks may be trending at the moment, they’ve been a staple of Asian skincare for ages. We’re just starting to realize it. Now that we know, we’re spreading the word. On that note, here are some of the most likely sheet masks to pop up in a celebrity selfie.

– Mary Kay Wise Repair Lifting Biocellulose Mask

Look like Jason from Friday the 13th for a few minutes, look like a celebrity within two weeks. You’ll get more than a great selfie out the Mary Kay Wise Repair Lifting Biocellulose Mask. You’ll get increased moisture levels for 24 hours (clinically proven), and increase in radiance, and tighter, firmer skin with a lifted appearance. This Korean beauty (Mary K-beauty?) inspired mask is great for a quick boost (and good scare) before a glamorous night out, and users should notice a visible overall improvement after two weeks.

– Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Firming Sheet Mask

Here’s a great mask that you might not want to take a selfie in. Where other masks go high, the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Firming Sheet Mask goes low. By low we mean, inner thighs, waist, and bootie. It uses coconut oil (obviously), and guarana to hit (those areas) below the belt, toning, slimming firming and many other issues most people seek liposuction for. It’s shaped to fit contours and curves, and the excess can be massaged into the skin to improve hydration.

The Best Lip Masks

You can’t eat, you can breathe, and you should keep talking to a minimum. Those are some answers to the questions from the “wondering but felt too stupid to ask” file on lip masks. Lip masks function like full facial sheet masks but they’re targeted for your lips, and sort of resemble a party favor (think clown lips). But all kidding aside, they really hydrate your lips. Here are some of our choices for the best thing to happen to lips since Chapstick.

– KNC Beauty All-Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask

After Emma Stone posted a selfie sporting this lip mask, it had every asking what she was wearing. When they found our it was the KNC All-Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask, sales went through the roof. This jelly-like lip patch contains vitamin E, rose oil, and cherry oil to hydrate and plump fine lines. Judging from Ms. Stone’s appearance, we say it works wonders.

– Burt’s Bees Lip Treatment Mask

Kiss dry lips good-bye. When it comes to the lips, the latest buzz is all about Burt’s Bees Lip Treatment Mask. This single-use mask moisturizes and defines lips with a blend of natural ingredients including meadowfoam seed and almond oil. For a reconditioned pout, and a well-nourished kisser, this lip treatment is the bee’s knees.