One of the best things about summer is that we get to let our footsies out for a bit of air while rockin’ our favorite sandals of the season. And this year in particular the trends are really taking to showing off your feet with unusual and standout styles and details that really draw the eye down.

Woman walks down runway with gladiator sandals /

No matter how many times this style comes back, I’ll always be excited! Though gladiators are more or less in every year, this year the knee high ties are really taking over. If you can find anything high and with laces snatch those up!

Athletic-inspired everything was super in this spring, and that trend is carrying over to sandals and footwear for the summer too. Thick single straps with a solid platform foam bottom will add the perfect touch of athletica to your look. Or if you’re not feeling sandals, swap in some cute sneakers.

Platform sandals on a runway /

Platforms and Wedges
The 90s is a big inspiration for this spring/summer, and that’s coming through in footwear in the form of retro platforms. Whether it’s a plain black strappy platform or colorful wedges, anything that gives you some elevation with a side of comfort is the way to go.

Buckles and Straps
Added details like buckles and straps are all the rage. They can take a boring sandal and take them to the next level, adding the perfect little something extra to bring some chicness to your outfit. The shinier the better too! Anything gold and shiny

If you’re not feeling like getting snazzy with your sandals, a lot of designers are taking inspiration from the Birkenstock style this season too. It’s a solid go-to sandal if you’re in between pedis and don’t want too much attention brought to your feet. It’s an understated and neutral enough look that it goes with pretty much anything!