Evalectric Ultra Pro Dryer and Straightening Iron

The right products and devices can make all the difference when it comes to personal care. Who doesn’t have a horror story about the worst hair dryer ever or a bad product choice from when they were younger? That’s simply part of growing up.

We get more selective about what products we use as we age for good reason. It ensures we experience fewer issues and that there is a smaller chance of us damaging our hair or skin. Admittedly, avoiding things like that takes doing a little research.

There have always been people dedicated to reviewing products for safety and utility, but the internet has made such reviews easier to come by. Anyone can become informed with relative ease. It’s about time you took advantage of that, right?

A common point of frustration is finding the right hair dryer. I, like almost everyone, have spent my time fighting cords and trying to avoid burning my scalp. A good hair dryer ends up feeling like an elusive legendary beast after a while.

Here’s the good news:

We’re going to save you a little trouble. Today we’re going to take a quick look at Evalectric’s Ultra Pro Dryer to see if it really is worth our collective attention and if it can help us all avoid some of the most common frustrations.

Evalectric Ultra Pro Dryer

Being worth our time and money is a particularly important thing given the dryer retails for around $400 in the United States. That kind of price generally means one should expect a true experience from the dryer.

The good news is that it doesn’t immediately disappoint when you get the box. Packaging is tasteful, easy to access, and can be used relatively easy to re-pack the dryer away when not in use. That puts it ahead of a lot of its competition in many case.

How attractive the packaging is doesn’t really tell you how well it works though. That’s why my partner and I tried it out. The dryer certainly didn’t disappoint.

A big claim of this dryer is that its use of heated tourmaline helps to reduce the overall frizz experienced by anyone use the dryer. While I can’t tell you whether it was the gemstone or not, the dryer certainly caused minimal frizz for both of us.

This is particularly important given my partner has relatively tight curls that are incredibly prone to frizz. At the end of the test, their hair had little more frizz than as if it had air dried. Not only that, but it dried their hair quickly and effectively.

That particular is common from anyone who used the dryer too. Even my longer hair ended up drying quicker than most other accessibly priced dryers we’ve used. This combination of speed, effectiveness, and minimal frizz made it highly enjoyable to use.

Beyond that particularly special note, the hair dryer tends to operate in much the same way you’d expect from any other quality hair dryer. It has multiple heat and speed settings along with a button to cool the heat level slightly if needed.

Maintaining that level of flexibility is important to keep the hair dryer viable for a wide group of people. Flexibility with minimal frizz goes a long way towards endearing the dryer to us. However, we should still do one last overview.

The Ultra Pro Dryer meets and surpasses basic standards. Minimizing frizz makes it a distinctly attractive option, but the $400 price point isn’t necessarily that attractive to everyone. As a bonus, it comes with two attachments to use the dryer for styling though.

You’ll most likely get the most out of this product if you have fussier hair prone to frizz and are involved in a line of work or lifestyle where hair care is important. Everyone can enjoy it, but if we’re honest not everyone needs all the dryer offers.

That a company manages to make a good dryer doesn’t necessarily mean its other products meet the same standards. Learning this sort of lesson is another thing a lot of us have done the hard way, but we have to since a dryer doesn’t do all we need to keep our hair tamed.

Many of us have less than perfectly straight hair and yet love the look. Chemically straightening one’s hair is always an option, but the comparatively permanent nature of it isn’t for everyone. A straightening iron gives you an easy, on demand option.

That doesn’t mean straightening irons aren’t without their problems:

Straightening irons are another product that many of us rely on to keep our hair looking its best. Admittedly, we have to be a bit more careful with such irons to avoid accidentally doing excessive heat damage to our hair.

Some of us have hair that is less than cooperative. Sometimes that means tight curls, but other times it can be a wave in an awkward spot of your hair. I fall into that latter category.

I, like my mother and grandmother before me, have this awkward wave in my hair that can make trying to look any particular way difficult. Bangs in particular tend to be a problem. The area around my ears is tough too.

This sort of problem is why many of us end up using straightening irons. These help us to reduce the problem and to ensure out hair stays properly in the style of our choosing. The Evalectric Professional Straightening Iron is no different in that regard.

Evalectric Straightening Iron

It does its job well, but includes a few extra options that are sure to attract the attention of those of us interested in looking our best. One enjoyable part about it is that we all get a choice of colors for the iron itself. This is complemented by tasteful and easily accessible packaging.

That alone doesn’t necessarily make the iron that interesting though. What does stand out is that it is one of Evalectric’s tourmaline products designed to use negative ions to help minimize hair damage and frizz. Whether or not it is thanks to tourmaline or not, it certainly seems to work.

What I enjoyed the most about the product is the simple utility of a swivel cord. It lets you move the iron around with relative freedom without needing to constantly adjust your hand to escape it. The cord’s base swivels for you and lets you do the hard work without hassle.

The selectable heat settings for the iron are also attractive. A lot of of us grew up with irons you simply plug in and wait for however long until they are ready. This iron has a convenient button that lets you select which of five settings is ideal for your hair.

That convenience is paired with quick heating plates and an easy-to-read display. Once your selected temperature level stops blinking, the iron is ready to us. I set it down for only a minute or so to check on my partner and it was ready to go.

My partner’s use of the straightening iron also proved interesting. Their tight curls make using a straightening iron a hassle, but their experience with the iron was positive. It even works for curls and left them looking a little different than they usually look.

An awesome convenience that one might easily overlook is that the iron cooled down quickly after we were done testing it. This incredibly convenient for anyone who wants to keep their iron in the box it came in as you won’t have to wait for ages.

Overall, Evalectric’s Professional Straightening Irons are high quality and effective. They’re going to be more at home in the cabinets of anyone whose appearance is their profession though as the $300 tag is sometimes more than some of us are willing to pay for a simple iron.

The relative ease, simplicity, and clarity of setting associated with the iron does make it a good choice for anyone unfamiliar for straightening irons as it can avoid some painful lessons. Its ability to work with multiple hair types effectively also makes it appealing.

Ultimately, both of these products are incredibly useful to anyone interested in good hair care. They are well-made and perform their tasks effectively with minimal chances of damaging one’s hair as long as one uses them responsibly.

Evalectric’s products clearly have a high degree of care put into their design that lets them perform so admirably. This care in turn benefits those of us considering using their products.

It is worth stressing here that we all need to remember to take proper steps before using either product though. Remember there are options out there to help protect your hair from even a small chance of heat damage.

Taking the time to properly prepare your hair before using the straightening iron or using the dryer’s high heat setting will go a long way towards ensuring your hair keeps looking its best.

While these products aren’t necessarily for everyone, they are certainly worth your time if you care about your hair and maintain it professionally or simply want to get the best result possible. You’ll have to decide for yourself, but I can tell you they certainly seem worth their price tag.