Every country and culture has dishes that are uniquely theirs. And if you love food as much as I do, the idea of sampling all these national foods is one of the most exciting parts about travelling. Sure, a lot of these foods are probably available in your own country and your own home town even, but it’s never quite the same as eating that meal in the country that made it famous. That’s why you have to try these famously Scottish foods when you travel to Scotland.

Haggis might sound a little unappealing when you first hear about it—it does after all contain sheep’s heart, lungs, and liver—but the meat combined with onion, oatmeal, and spices is a savoury delight. Though it was traditionally all prepared and cooked in a sheep stomach casing, most places now use artificial casing. This is probably the dish most closely associated with the Scots, so you have to try it, even if just a bite! Grab yourself a dram of nice scotch whiskey and delve in!

Scottish shortbread

This is much more appealing than haggis, and though you’ve probably had many different kinds of shortbread in your life, you’ve got to try some from its country of origin. Head to a café or bakery and get some of these delightful biscuits to taste the difference!

Neeps & Tatties
This side dish is usually serve with haggis, and is simply a combination of the root vegetable swede and potatoes. All mashed together, this makes for a tasty alternative to plain mashed potatoes, and you’ll definitely be feeling like a Scot after a nice helping.

Deep Fried Mars Bar
The unhealthy Scots diet is perfectly represented by this delicious but artery clogging dessert. Originating in chip shops all over Scotland, this treat has made its way around the world, but if you’re near Aberdeen you can stop off at The Carron where it’s said the deep fried mars bar was first created.