Rosy Cheeks Are In For Fall 2015

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It seems like the highlighting and contouring craze might be coming to an end—at least temporarily. Fall 2015 is bringing makeup back to a bit of a more natural look with the return of blush. While makeup trends lately have been working toward making the face as even-toned as possible, the trend toward rosy cheeks is bringing color and liveliness back to the forefront.

Makeup trends for fall are taking a step in a much more natural direction. From toned down, bare-faced looks to this flushed trend, the makeup game is focusing on enhancing and emulating your natural beauty.

Though I’m sure many of us will be experiencing the real deal when it comes to flushed cheeks as soon as the brisk fall weather comes around, that seems to be exactly what this look is trying to capture. A wind-swept, slightly reddened cheek adds a softness to the face, and it’s great to achieve it with blush instead of with the harsh outdoor elements.

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Stick to light pinks or reds and avoid darker bronze colors or deep tones. For inspiration, take a look at the makeup from the Fall 2015 runways at J.Crew, where the models look like they just came indoors on a cold winter day with their red tones. The makeup artists for Kate Spade’s collection were also embracing this look with girlish pinks, as were the ladies at Rebecca Minkoff.

The key to this trend is subtlety and simplicity. You don’t want your blush to stand out, but rather you want it to look like your rosy cheeks just happened. The best way to do this is to look for natural colors that don’t look out of place with your skin, and to apply a very little amount. You don’t need to layer it on thick, but just add a little dab or a sweet red or pink to your cheeks to get that rosy glow!

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