Fall Back in Time with Victorian Inspiration Next Season

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Everyone knows that retro styles are super in this year, but this trend is taking the meaning of retro to a whole new level! With all the Victorian-era inspiration that was taking over the runways for Fall 2015 collections, designers are taking us back to the 60s—not the 1960s though, all the way back to the 1860s!

Model walks runway with Victorian-inspired dark colors and long skirt

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with the Victorian era—something about the prim properness and high elegance has always been attractive to me—so I’m so excited about this trend. It mixes the extravagance of the time of queens and dukes and indulgent nobility with a modern, mysterious edge. When you think of Victorian fashions you might think of endless amounts of cloth and frou frou dresses, but the looks designers were sending down the runways were totally current and very wearable.

The key aspects of this trend are dark colors, high necklines, and bows and ruffles. The blacks and greys and dark purples, reds, and blues that were all over the runways lend a hint of mystery to this trend—it’s Victorian inspiration, but what I imagine the elite, cool underground version would have been. High necklines might sound prudish but they’re pulled off with style and sexiness, with lace, subtle ruffles, or tie-up collars all lending an air of sophistication. Designers typically used bows and ruffles with perfect subtlety, using them as minor detailing to make an outfit stand out. Detailing is also very important to this trend, with intricate embellishment and patterns bringing to mind the luxury of the period.

Model walks runway with Victorian-inspired high neckline and embellishment

Miro Vrlik Photography / Shutterstock.com

Top marks go to Alexander McQueen’s collection, which was full of high collars and ruffles and a mix of floor and knee length dresses and sleeveless and long sleeve looks, while still managing to look modern and sexy. Valentino’s collection is also impressive, with the busy embellishment and prints reminiscent of the bold wallpapers and eclectic interior designs of the Victorian period.

Model walks runway with Victorian-inspired bow and lace

Dmitry Abaza / Shutterstock.com

So as we lose the summer sun and transition into fall, look for pieces that bring to mind that extravagant period of the reign of Queen Victoria!

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