8 Nuts That Are Good for Your Skin

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assortment of nuts

Do you love to eat nuts? Most of us love cashews, they are the best munchies you can find.  Many people find eating nuts to be boring. It is one of the most underrated nutritious snacks. It comprises of tons of antioxidants which proves to be beneficial for both the skin as well as for overall health.  Here we will highlight some nuts that are extremely beneficial for the skin.

Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids and manganese that keeps all sorts of skin, as well as body problems at bay. It safeguards the skin from cellular damage that leads to premature aging problems. Plus it also keeps the skin smooth and shiny.

About 14 half walnuts contain about 185 calories and about 18 grams of fat.

It is rich in fibers. In fact, it has the most concentration of vitamin E than any other nuts. It also contains other skin benefiting nutrients that keep the skin healthy and naturally beautiful.

About 23 nuts contain about 170 calories and about 15 grams of fat.

Cashew is rich in zinc and iron and assists in delivering oxygen to all the body cells. It also contains magnesium that protects the skin from aging problems. About 18 cashew nuts comprise of 165 calories and about 13 grams of fat.

It is loaded with antioxidants that safeguard the skin from all sorts of skin complications. It also helps delay the process of skin aging and gives the skin a nice and shiny texture.

18 halves of pecans have about 200 calories and 21 gm. of fat.

Brazil nuts
It contains high concentrations of selenium, and so it is recommended that one should not consume more than one. Just one nut has enough nutrients and vitamins to make the skin, as well as the body healthy.

5-6 Brazil nuts contain 185 calories and 18 gm. of fat.

Macadamia nuts
These nuts are dense in calories and have high heart-healthy monounsaturated fat in each serving. They are also very good for the skin health and safeguards from all sorts of skin diseases.

About ten nuts contain 200 calories and 22 gm. of fat.

It is packed with tons of potassium that is beneficial for both the skin as well as for the body. It fights against the dead cells and makes the skin nice and glowing.

About 50 nuts have 160 calories and about 14 gm. of fat.

It is rich in vitamin E that is vital for skin maintenance. It also prevents macular degeneration and safeguards the skin for all sorts of skin maladies.

Most of us love Hazelnuts in Ice Cream. Some of us are fond of pistachios too. Which nut do you love?

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