4 Diet Tips for Barbecue Season

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Friends at a barbecue

Who doesn’t love barbecue season? Whether you take your barbecue to the beach or you prefer to host a gathering in your backyard, it’s sure to be a good time. The only drawback to this time of year is how detrimental it can be to your diet. From burgers to pasta salads to booze, these delicious Barbecue foods aren’t always the healthiest. To help you get through the season with a bit less stress, we’ve consulted the experts and found that ultimately, there are four essential tips that you can use to keep your diet on track.

Drink Water
Hydrate. They hydrate some more. It’s no secret that dehydration is a common occurrence in the summer. Aside from the dangers associated with dehydration—which is the main reason you should be drinking plenty of water—your body may mix up hunger and thirst signals, causing you to eat more when you should be drinking water. Additionally, drinking a full glass of water before sitting down to eat may fill your belly, resulting in a reduced calorie intake.

Smart Food Choices
Opt for whole wheat or whole grain. Buns, pastas, crackers; three very common barbecue foods, all of which are (almost always) available in whole wheat.

Say “No” to Deprivation
Don’t deprive yourself. If you’ve been craving a cheeseburger, then enjoy a cheeseburger. Depriving yourself may seem like a good idea, until the very moment when you crack and go back for seconds and thirds…and a few sides of regret.

Healthy Snacks
Snack on fruit. Some barbecues can seem more like ‘round the clock buffets of diet-sabotaging snacks. If you find yourself in this kind of situation know that it’s okay to fill up your plate and snack socially, if you stick to the fresh fruits and/or veggie platter.

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