After over two years of being happily single, Taylor Swift has finally found her new beau! Though there had been rumors spreading around for a few months, the couple finally ventured out in public back in May at the Billboard Music Awards and have been showing off adorable pics on social media and getting cosy in front of cameras ever since! And things have only been getting more serious for the 25 year old singer and the 31 year old DJ and music producer.

Reports this week are saying that not only is Harris ready to take Taylor all the way to Scotland to meet his parents, but the two are looking to shack up together! The cute couple have been spotted looking at houses in Los Angeles, where they’ll hopefully hole up and make some beautiful music together! A musical collaboration between this power couple would no doubt be a smash hit and head straight to the top of the charts.

Harris and Swift aren’t shy about showing how into each other they are, with many adorable posts from each of them, including pics from Taylor’s recent 4th of July BBQ. Harris has also been gushing about his ladylove in interviews, saying that he’s “insanely happy” and that “there’s boxes that I didn’t even know existed she ticks.” Sounds like she’s even more than a dream girl to him!

It seems like this relationship is working pretty well for Taylor too! After all the drama of the past week, with Taylor unintentionally starting a bit of a Twitter war with Nicki Minaj about the recently announced MTV Video Music Award nominations, it’s been reported that Calvin played a pretty big role in helping Taylor get her bearings to offer a public apology. Taylor has grown up right before our eyes and it looks like this relationship is only helping her mature even more. It’s no secret that Taylor draws from her personal life a whole lot to help with her music, so I can’t wait to see what kind of music this awesome relationship will bring! Until then, we’re wishing you all the best Taylor and Calvin!