Dealing with Graduation Blues

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There comes a point in every undergraduate’s academic career—whether it’s right before, or right after graduation—when the realization sets in. The realization that, albeit exciting, the significance of graduation is that your undergrad years have come to a close. For many students, their four years at college are the best years of their life; preparing for a dream job, making lifelong friends, discovering new-found independence, and more, all of which make up a graduate’s fondest memories.

With the realization that the glory days are over, many post-grads find themselves in an emotional state feeling everything from loss to pride, even regret and sorrow. For many, this time to celebrate new beginnings is over shadowed by the grief of endings. In fact, with graduation blues being recognized more frequently mental health professionals, Durham University in the UK is finally considering research on and addressing “post-university depression.”

If you’re feeling down about graduating, check out the list below for a few ideas to help beat the graduation blues. Please note that the following suggestions should not be used in place of professional help. If you or someone you know is feeling lost and don’t know where to turn, you can access The Crisis Text Line at 741741.

  • Revisit your favorite college bar. Not only will this bring back some of your favorite memories, it’s a good way to remind yourself that even though you’ve graduated, your beloved college town will still be there.
  • Keep in touch with your favorite professors. Not only will they appreciate it, but keeping this line of communication open is both comforting and can lead to potential opportunity.
  • Buy that overpriced sweatshirt you’ve been eyeing. Whether you have a closet full of school apparel or not, get the sweatshirt you’ve wanted; there’s nothing like school spirit to cheer any post-grad up.
  • Feel and reflect. Whether it’s through prayer, journaling, or meditation, it can be fulfilling when you notice how lucky you are to have had a college experience that’s so hard to leave.

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