Care for Your Cleavage

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I believe in the saying that goes like this: if you have it, flaunt it! As long as you dress decently and you know how to properly carry yourself, it doesn't hurt to show a little skin. One of the sexiest assets of women is their cleavage. Those who have fuller bosoms can wear lower necklines and flaunt their cleavage, but it is important to remember that it will only be really appealing if your cleavage looks really flawless.


One of the top problems that can be encountered when it comes to cleavage skin includes chest acne. To avoid chest acne, treat your chest skin as you would your face. Remember to thoroughly cleanse it with a good antibacterial soap, or if you have particularly sensitive skin, you can even use your facial cleanser for this area. This way, the accumulated sweat can be completely removed and would avoid pore blockage which can cause acne.

Part of your skin care routine to have flawless cleavage would be proper exfoliation. This helps removes the layer of dead skin which may contribute to acne breakouts on your chest, or a kind of darkening on your cleavage. You will benefit from a weekly exfoliation treat which will leave your skin softer and cleaner looking. Use a gentle product—one which you can use on your face—and apply it as if you’re doing a massage.

Remember to moisturize your skin as well! I think that part of having great skin is being able to have beautifully moisturized skin which looks and feels soft. You can apply a firming moisturizer to help avoid wrinkling and sagging.

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When you’re exercising, remember to wear a highly supportive sports bra so your chest won’t bounce. Not only does the bouncing hurt, it can also lead to sagging and loosening of your skin over time. When a special occasion comes and it is time to show your cleavage with a plunging neckline, you can max up the effect by applying something iridescent to make it look even more satin-like! You can brush on a light layer of highlighter and you'll be able to see the beautifying effect take place. Try these tips out and be on your way to having great cleavage.

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